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Projected Release Date: October, 2024

The Feds From Hell To Breakfast


By the fall of 1999, The Feds had signed with FFROE Records, given their 1986 Ford Econoline van a heart transplant, and relocated from their hometown of Kansas City to Denton. They moved into the legendary Woodford house, where they lived, rehearsed, and survived on cheap ramen and beer. It was in that living room/kitchen that the spirit of From Hell to Breakfast was born, fueled by a Texas-sized dose of inspiration from their new surroundings and a cocktail of Kansas City and Dallas bands they revered. Bands like Molly McGuire, Shiner, Season to Risk, Doosu, Jibe, Beef Jerky, Edgewater, and Slow Roosevelt were just as much their inspirations as the '90s rock radio devoured in high school when the original lineup began.
While tracks like “Blaster,” “Tonight Inside,” and “Feeling Human” kept the angular guitar phrasing evident in their KC heroes, the newer songs were bigger and aimed for more melody. On tracks like “My Texas,” “Sleep ’Til Noon,” and “It,” they found wide-open spaces to mature as songwriters. In just one year as transplants, countless opening shows, and a demo of “My Texas,” The Feds showcased for almost every major label, which led to a deal with Capitol Records in 2000. Recorded by legendary producer GGGarth Richardson, From Hell to Breakfast was loud, fast, and full of energy to match the band’s live shows.

Goes Well With:

Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More
Album Preview
Tracks: 11
Weight: Standard
Vinyl Color: White
Speed: 33 1/3 rpm
Number Pressed: TBD
Catalog #: DFWLS-030
Numbered: Machine Numbered
Jacket Type: Single LP
Additional Artwork: TBD
Track List
LP 1 / SIDE A​
A1 – Turn Off The Mic
A2 – Catalyst
A3 – My Texas
A4 – Sleep Til Noon
A5 – Face Down
A6 - Blaster
B1 – Angels & Devils
B2 – Tonight Inside
B3 – Static
B4 – Feeling Human
B5 – It
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