Hagfish Buick Men


Originally released in 1993, the debut album from Dallas based Hagfish, Buick Men, set the stage for the band to take the nation by storm in the mid-90’s. A more raw, unpolished album than their 1995 major-label release, Rocks Your Lame Ass, Buick Men cemented the band as Dallas punk icons with tracks like “Stamp” and “Happiness” — included here as the original versions. Exclusive to the DFW Legacy Series, Buick Men comes on limited-edition orange/white split vinyl and contains a download card with several previously unreleased and demo versions of tracks from the band’s career.

Goes Well With:

Descendents, ALL, Ramones, Green Day
Album Preview
Tracks: 19 Songs
Weight: Standard
Vinyl Color: Orange/White Split
Speed: 33 1/3 rpm
Release Date: 04/01/2022
Original Release Date: 1996
Number Pressed: 300
Catalog #: DFWLS-011
Numbered: Machine Numbered
Jacket Type: Slimline LP jacket
Full Color Printed Insert
Digital Download Card With Additional Tracks Included
Track List
LP 1 / SIDE A​
A1 – Happiness
A2 – Stamp

A3 – Flat
A4 – Secret

A5 – Gertrude
A6 – Moda
A7 – Sad
A8 – Trixie
A9 – New Punk Rock Song
B1 – Disappointed
B2 – Minit Maid

B3 – Hose
B4 – Shark
B5 – Lesbian Girl
B6 – Herve
B7 – Aquarium
B8 – Mouse
B9 – Ambulance
B10 – Land Shark (Alternate Mix)
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